Monday, 31 January 2011

Menswear Autumn//Winter 2011 Expert Review

After an extensive review of the fall '11 menswear runways, I've found - with not a bit of surprise- that most of them are so utterly disappointing. I've never knew what the designers are thinking when they design the menswear collections, but certainly not in the average (fashion) guy, but, a) some extravagant queer or, b) some boring rich 40+ man with Lotz of money but no taste at all. I know that men buy clothes instead of fashion, I know that it's hard to be original and creative within the range of blazers and trousers, but every label I look I only found that, if propositive, a flamingo extravaganza; if classic, a squared and boring suit with slightly different collar. I, as a man, expect to see some rude yet comfortable clothes with some vintage and antique uniform revival or even grunge reinterpretation at a modern level. Some trusty and classic pieces that could be mixed and matched with radical styles. That's what we want to see, that's what men wears on the streets (not Wall street, of course) that's what we can see on the blogs. So it's ok if you (designers) want to make an extravagant marketing plan to support other lines of your labels by making a lot of noise in mens runways, but as Coco said: "fashion that doesn't hit the street, isn't fashion". This is my personal complain and it's up to you designers (not marketing idiots). Finally, I'm posting a few nice outfits by some nice labels in this season. Let's say everything is not lost.
Style Notes:
1) Fortunately, Black leather boots are here to stay, yay! I barely can take off mines!!
2)Actually I can't say "Black is Back", 'cause it never ever have been gone. Kudos for me!
3)Red is the new red. Just love that suit of Victor & Rolf! (and wait to see women's collections!)
4) Look for John Varvatos and Bottega Veneta if you want to learn a cool and modern way to wear a suit.
5)Don't you just love overcoats for winter? look that one from Ferragamo! It's a statement by itself!
6)Grey is one of the most elegant and stylish colors ever. Simple, rocker leather jacket. What else? (thanx Bally and Gucci!)
7)Ann Demeulemeester. That's what I call creativity, reinterpretation and understanding of a man's wardrobe. I just love that runway. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
That's all about it pals, Dex out.
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